Detect leaks early with the smart water valve from Moen.

Smart tools have made their way to plumbing world, and we couldn’t be happier. To be fair, some of these new inventions just aren’t as necessary (or as smart) as they’re cracked up to be, but the Moen Flo smart water valve isn’t one of them. After years of research, this industry-leading technology has found a way to recognize leaks early and minimize the damage in your space — nothing but a win in our book. 

We’ve been both installing and recommending this product a lot lately for a few reasons. First, it’s versatile and can be used with toilets, showers, and faucets. Second, because it’s user-friendly — you can manage it straight from your smartphone, even if you’re not a plumber. Third, because the tool is durable and easy to maintain over time (the app sends you maintenance reminders to keep you on top of its care). 

But one of our favorite aspects of this great new tool is that it features both remote and automatic options that WORK, making it perfect for our clients with second homes where they don’t spend 100% of their time. We can’t tell you how often we get calls from clients who didn’t even know their pipes were leaking, only to discover — weeks, months, and tons of water damage later — that their leaking pipe had caused a great mess.