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Renovations and Remodels

Renovations don’t have to be tough — hire the experienced team that makes it easy.

Whether you’ve just bought your old dream house in downtown Bozeman and you want to make the space your own, or you’ve finally decided it’s time to add that downstairs bathroom in your aging parents’ home — McGuffey’s is here for all of your renovation needs.

While some companies may turn away difficult or historic remodels, we have years of experience working on renovations ranging from historic to simple upgrades. Our goal is always to preserve the integrity of your property while giving you the added functionality you’re looking for.

What types of remodel and renovation projects do we take on?

Renovations tend to take a special touch, and working with an inexperienced or low-budget plumber could mean that your new installation isn’t quite as successful as you’d hoped. When not properly installed, plumbing can cost you money and time later down the line. Basically what we’re saying is: it should be done right the first time! We’ll make sure that it is.

Plumbing Renovation Capabilities:

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